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Golden Triangle Tours – The Vertex of All Activity

If there is one tour in India which can guarantee you satisfaction in the few minutes that you begin, it would have to be the Golden Triangle Tour. This Tour is a joy for people who are looking for reasons and ways to be inspired. Combining the most exquisite sights of India and serving them in grand style, the Golden Triangle Tour is the most classy, luxurious tour in India.

The Golden Triangle Tour is based on the convenience of North India, which allows it a gentler climate, especially during the winter months. Although this is the preferred time for most people to visit, nothing dissuades travellers from taking this tour through the year.

Perhaps the most sought after destination on the Golden Triangle of India is Agra. While it does certainly have every reason to be loved, its fame brought largely by the Taj Mahal is what draws the greatest adulation. However, many other monuments built during this era add to its magnificence. The Agra Fort and the Friday mosque are other important landmarks and tourist hotspots.

Delhi is the gateway city, especially for most foreign tourists. This is the closest and most convenient point of access for travellers, and making it to all other destinations on this tour becomes easier. Delhi is not important merely as its role as the country’s capital. It is also important from a historical and cultural angle. It has remnants of several civilizations and eras. Monuments and attractions in Delhi help you to understand and appreciate the history of the country and enable you to take in the enormity of India. This is also the place for fun and indulgence. The cuisine of Delhi is borrowed from most parts of the country and modified to suit the local preferences and taste. Foods along modest stalls on the road are most authentic and delicious, although fare you find anywhere can prove delightful. This is also the place to shop till you drop. Attractive designs, weaves and fabric from over the country, north India traditional handwork and embroidery, shoes, sandals and footwear in exquisite leather, and delicate craftsmanship make this a paradise for you to pick up things not just for yourself, but also where you can take things home for your family.

The Golden Triangle Tour is incomplete without Jaipur. The third city on this circuit, this is the best representative of the greatest of Rajasthan. The most grand depictions of palaces and royal life, the choicest foods and the biggest exhibition of the wealth of the state, Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is not just the capital of Rajasthan, but the capital of wealth and grandeur. Even the briefest visit to Jaipur is enough to take you back loaded with culture and treats.

There is little to be said about the glory of the Golden Triangle Tour. It must be experienced, and its greatness must be felt in order for you to understand how lavishly this region has been endowed. Take a journey to the Golden Triangle, and live a charmed, enriched life.